Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Tonight I was sitting outside watching the kids swim and the sun started to go down. My favorite time of day, there is such a peaceful feeling about it!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Five Mossie Garland

This is my latest creation! I have made the Three Mossie Garlands and I thought why not try five! It was pretty difficult joining all the little bodies. My floss would get tangled in the legs and the arms, but finally they were all joined. Then came the task of making the little tops. I tried very hard to make them all different! Then I attach the heads, the hair and voila! They would be so cute hanging over a little girl's bed, or a mirror, or picture!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Making a dress for Peyton

I learned how to smock when my two daughters were little girls. Actually Natalie was in the 6th grade and she was probably too old to wear a smocked frock, but she was always more than happy to please her Mama! Sarah was only in the 4th grade, but she hated wearing dresses! So I had to wait patiently until I had granddaughters. Rianne, who is now 16, and Mackenzie who is now 14, had several of my smocked creations. Pinafores, bonnets, booties, I even made the boys smocked nighties. But as they all grew older there was no use for my obsession! Then along comes Peyton! I had actually forgotten about smocking until my daughter Sarah asked if I could make Peyton a sundress, duh! So I got out the old pleater and went to work!

Peyton and her Mama, my daughter Sarah.

Peyton strikes a pose!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Just the other day I opened my mailbox and there is an envelope from Argentina! Hmmmm,what could it be! Wrapped in a pretty red box were two red, white, and blue owl necklaces, one for me and one for my daughter, Natalie, also known as missbeahaven/humblebea. They were from our friends, Paula and Mariana whom we have gotten to know and love on Etsy. They have so much talent! They have four different shops, macraMe, ciaffi, branda, and diasyflores. diasyflores makes awesome stained glass ,I have one of their dragonflies hanging in my window. Marianna and Paula are so thoughtful and kind, and I am blessed to have them as my dear friends!

Monday, July 21, 2008


This summer is flying by and though we have no plans for a vacation we are enjoying the days on the lake. On most days I get at least 5 or 6 out of 9 grandkids at my house. They come and cool off in the lake, clean out my Cookie jar, fill up on Pizza Rolls and drink gallons of pop! Their parents will probably send me the dentist bill. The kids are great, and I will be very sad when school starts up again. I love hearing them running around in the yard playing Hide 'n' Seek or tossing a ball around!

This is Noah, Sean, and Nathan. They are the oldest boys and the best of friends!

Poker and Muffie join in the fun with Reese, Tommy, Sean and Noah!

Little Peyton is the baby of our family at 2 years old! Isn't she precious!

And then there is Caden, he is one amazing 5 year old. It's a rare day you see this kid without his bug cage or a fishing pole!

Caden caught a fish!

Noah, Sean, Rianne (the oldest at 16) and Reese.