Sunday, May 3, 2009

Where did this week go?

This week went by in a flash. The beginning of the week I watched Peyton for a few hours. She is so much fun, I could listen to her talk forever.
We had some nice weather this week and the kids came fishing, and to top the week off, Mackenzie went to the prom!


Sound asleep!

A little ice cream after the nap!

Caden and Peyton come fishing!

Caden caught one!

Mackenzie is my first grandchild to go to the Prom! She looked gorgeous! Once again, the talented Natalie put her sewing skills to work and made this gorgeous dress and the fascinator! This is Mackenzie and Zack, her boyfriend of one year!

Noah,(The proud brother) Mackenzie, and Sean.(The proud cousin)



Vintage Inspired Jewelry said...

What a bunch of great looking kids.
Your right this week did fly. Take care..Kathi

humblebea said...

What a week, huh? You must be pooped! (-:

glasfaden said...

You've got a lovely week, Liz! Watching children is one of the most precious time in our life, isn't it? Natalie is so talented - beautiful dress for a beautiful girl!
Have a lovely, fresh week, my dear!

WolfeWoman said...

MacKenzie looks gorgeous! That dress is so professional!

Sigmosaics said...

you have the most adorable grandchildren! How wonderful that you are so near to them to be able to do all this. Natalie made an amazing job with MacKenzie's dress .. she's beautiful.