Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Valentine Brooch

New today, my Valentine Brooch!


Kathi said...

I love the new brooches. I might just have to have one of those..Kathi

VinK said...

Lovely and gorgeous as always..

thanks for stopping by to my blog :)
I found out your daughter's shop from your etsy profile links..and I love her work...
your family is really have a bless talent :)

have a great day


Waterrose said...

Ohhhhh I'm catching up on your blog posts! Your family is lovely. Tacky or not the mardi gras doll is too cute. Beautiful silk ribbon embroidery! I love the heart.

Happy New Year and Much Success!

Jenn said...

oh gosh I am SO loving these!!!! I think that would make just the sweetest V-day gift!!

happy weekend:)

Ronnie said...

I don't know how you do this but, I love it. BE U tiful!

Meltem said...

It's a beauty, gorgeous!