Monday, March 2, 2009

Good bye February, Hello March!

February was totally crazy and I'm afraid I neglected my blog. Hopefully I will do better in March. My parents were hospitalized a week apart, first my Dad with blood clots on his lungs and then my Mom with an intestinal obstruction. Thank God, they are both doing well now and things will get back to normal.
We also had 3 more grand kids celebrate birthdays this month! Reese, turned 6 and Tommy turned 4. Reese and Tommy are the "wild" ones. They come over and "fly" all over the place! I think they are on a constant sugar high!

And then we have Noah who turned a whopping 13, just like cousin Nathan. He just missed being a Leap Year baby and was born on the 27th in a snowstorm! He is a sweetheart with a great sense of humor! When the summer comes Noah is at my house from morning til night and he is always a joy to be around!

And then we had the Sweetheart Swirl, a formal dance at the highschool. Two of my grandkids attended this year. Mackenzie went with her boyfriend Zach. She looked gorgeous. Natalie made the whole outfit, the dress and the purse. Mackenzie is the family fashionista!

And then we have Sean, I still call him Seanie. He is quite the ladies man! He went to the Swirl with a flock of girls. He loves the girls and I think they love him too! Quite often goes to the movies with a whole harem!

So that's what has been going on at my house. I have been doing a lot of crafting and have listed some new things in my shop, but now I am getting the itch for a good old spring cleaning. It's still pretty cold and snowy in Michigan, but I think I might start cleaning out some cupboards and closets!


Star of the East said...

Glad to hear that your parents are feeling better, looks like they are very conatcted to each other as they both got ill in a short time!
Your grand children are all so beautiful, you must be such a proud mum and grandma!!

glasfaden said...

You have an adorable family - all is connect to each other. Glad, your parents are okay now.
Reading about Sean reminds me of my own brother *lol* He was also always surrounded by girls. He just married last December at age 35 (not really late nowadays :)).

Waterrose said...

What a lovely family you have. I'm glad that your parents are doing well. If you need to spring feels like spring the 70 and 80s..come visit!