Friday, March 20, 2009

Little Sister, Peeking throught the window.

Star of the East has been doing a series of interesting features on her blog. She has done couches, clocks, and this weeks feature is windows. These are enjoyable to look at. This week my window is featured on Stars blog, along with Kraplap, Iragrant, PaperFlowerGirl, and LeelaBijou. You have to check these out! Star's blog is my very favorite to visit, it's always fun and full of interesting topics! Star also has some of the most unique jewelry on Etsy! It's gorgeous, you really have to check it out!


Meltem said...

Star!s store is full of gorgeous items! She is great artist and friend too! Her blog is very fun!

Star of the East said...

You are welcome Liz, was nice to have a peek in your home :)
Thank you so much for the feature!!

Nicola said...

Ooooh I just went and "looked through your window" what a beautiful view!
No wonder you make such inspirational pieces and gorgeous mossies! I adore the way you furnish your home too, all those summery bright colours must be very uplifting :)
Nic x

Jenn said...

oooh what beautiful bags and jewelry...I'm off to check out the link...thanks Liz! xox...jenn

Waterrose said...

Cute off to visit the others!