Wednesday, April 22, 2009

April, so far so good!

April has been delightful, I hit my 500th sale today which is a milestone! I celebrated my 2 year Etsyversary April 16th and I am still in love with Etsy! Saturday I picked up my beautiful granddaughters, Mackenzie and Rianne and went thrift store shopping. They are big into vintage, or at least they think it's vintage. Rianne found 2 tops and a pair of shoes and Mackenzie found a blouse and some jewelry. They are so much fun to be around!
Poker has been outside a lot since the weather is nice and when she comes in she is so tired! Look at that face, is that precious or what?
We had a gorgeous sunset the other night, and I promised myself to enjoy more sunsets and sunrises, instead of creating treasury lists all the time!
My primroses have finally decided to bloom, the first flowers of the season!


Cheryl said...

woo-hoo! gorgeous girls! what a sweetie-pie! are those bachelor buttons?

twolefthands said...

Holy cow Cheryl, you are fast! They are primroses, aren't they pretty?

Jenn said...

oooh such pretty primroses!
Big congrats on your 500th sale!!!
that is huuuuge!!! hip hip hooooray!!!

p.s. I LOVE your pirate and his girlfriend:)

Nicola said...

500 sales? - You deserve every one of them! Superb news

glasfaden said...

Congratulations on your sale milestone and Etsyversary, Liz! Wishing you many, many more sales!

michele said...

Wow 500 sales that's a lot. Glad to hear one business in my home state is doing well.

jealousydesign said...

Yay! Congrats to the sales! and that dog is soooo cute!

ArtMind said...

Congrats on this milestone, Liz!
WOW! Your new stuff is fantastic BTW! Happy weekend! :)