Thursday, April 23, 2009

A pleasant surprise!

Today the mailman brought me a wonderful gift from my friend Susan, aka simplysuzula on Etsy! I was delighted to find these beautiful photo's that Susan had taken and also surprised! I had no idea that Susan was hiding this talent! Beautiful work, thank you so much Susan!

I love browsing in Susan's shop, it's packed full of goodies! From linens, old books, fur collars, silver spoons, you name it!


Nicola said...

Oooh loving the lace - would look fabulous on silver (I just got a new rolling mill and once it's all assembled I'm going to be texture hunting!)
Thought I'd let you know I just posted a Blog Giveaway on my blog too (Jewellery or Silver Clay - winners choice!) :)
Nic xx

jealousydesign said...

the flower photos are beautiful!

Ophelia Miller Boutique said...

Those photos are beautiful (Susan should open a 2nd etsy shop :O) Isn't it fun getting surprises in the mail!!!