Monday, April 6, 2009


I am starting this off with my Mom (ohruthie). When I was a little girl my Mom was always knitting or crocheting. She always looked so content and peaceful, sitting in her recliner with her lamp on. I wanted to knit or crochet so bad, but my two left hands got in the way. After many attempts, I finally gave up and so did my Mom!
Since joining Etsy I have met some of the most wonderful people who are now my dear friends. Silvia and Ixela (Ale) are from Italy, Branda (Mariana and Paula) are from Argentina, fringe (Dennice) is from California, and CurlyGirlCrochet (Jody) is from Michigan. These women are so talented, I drool everytime I see a new piece of their work! I am also a wee bit jealous that I can't knit or crochet, but I love these girls and I know you will too!
Be sure to scroll down so you will not miss any of these lovely creations!

This is a picture of my sweet little Peyton Ella, cuddling up with her Great Grandma's blanket!


ixela said...

woww... what a lovely surprise I had this morning!... as per usual Liz, you are a sweetheart! Thanks a lot for your precious friendship!!! xoxoxo

P.S.: your little Peyton is simply adorable... another masterpiece in your home!

Cheryl said...

precious, precious, precious!

marianne said...

your grandkids are adorable really!! and this is a pretty cool blog Liz! If I were in Michigan still I would ask you over for coffee or tea.. I am going to check in on you now and again.. your treasury is superb this a.m. hope it will go fp for you! it should!!

The Two Smiling Girls said...

Payton is so beautiful!
Liz you always can learn to knit and crochet!
We thought it was so difficult, impossible, and one day: click! we learn! Now we are learning crochet.
If you want you can!!!
Thank you for your wonderful post!

Kisses ♥♥

Mariana and Paula

Waterrose said...

I so agree. I am so envious of those crochet skills! I hope everyone is ok in Italy.

Jenn said...

oh I love all these shops as well! I've ALWAYS wanted to learn how to knit or crochet too:)


Roxana said...

Oh my, Peyton is such a beauty, those eyes!

vink said...

the blanket and the girl is gorgeous ♥

Sweet Romance said...

What a sweet little face and I love that name♥